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Classroom Management Strategies

Effective classroom management helps keep students on task, focused, and engaged during the school day. While classroom management is always important, it becomes even more so when adding activity breaks into the school day. This training video provides evidence-based strategies for building a classroom community. (Duration:17 min) 

 Teacher Resources

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We developed classroom management posters that display verbal cues to transition your students to and from an activity break. To transition students from a seated instruction to an activity break, use the cue word “MOVE”. To transition students to back to their seats after an activity break, use the cue word “FOCUS”.  

Teacher Training

Welcome to Module 4: Classroom Management

After completing this module you will be able to explain the importance of classroom management and its application to physical activity breaks. You will also be able to select key classroom management strategies to manage student behavior during physical activity breaks. 

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