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Curriculum Integration

Did you know that you can use different physical activities to complement your teaching and/or reinforce ideas within your lessons? It’s true!  You can take activities as opportunities to practice vocabulary and skills from lessons, teach, and reinforce concepts. Check out this physical education video that incorporates both movement and learning. (Duration 2 min)

Teacher Resources

You can use activities to reinforce concepts and ideas more directly from instruction (e.g., having students alter their speed of movement to mimic particles in different states of matter). You can also use activities more directly as parts of lessons to teach concepts, such as having students learn how to collect and graph data based on data they generate during physical activity. 


Teacher Training

Welcome to Module 5: Curriculum Integration

After completing this module you will be able to identify and develop physical activities that can be used to complement teaching and/or reinforce ideas within their lessons. You will also be able to evaluate how physical activities can be used to fulfill curricular requirements.

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