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Our coaching model is simple. We recognize that classroom teachers will need to master three important skills in order to successfully implement classroom activity breaks: classroom management, curricular integration, and student motivation. We also recognize that teachers will need support and services in order to overcome the daily challenges of mastering these skills. 

In response to these challenges, we offer a series of guiding principles and strategies that provide classroom teachers with the necessary training, skills, and support to tailor and deliver 20 minutes of physical activity in their classroom every day. These strategies are based on research conducted in the Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory and in elementary schools across the state of Michigan. Our program guide also includes workbook activities to give teachers real-world examples of how to overcome challenges to implementation and resources to enhance movement and learning in their classroom. Our mission is to motivate lasting changes in Michigan classrooms so that all students have an opportunity to succeed physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.


Quick Overview

If it's not PE, and it's not recess, then what is it? Watch this video to find out!

Best Practices for InPACT Delivery

This video discusses how to consistently implement activity breaks everyday!

Enhancing Student Motivation

This video provides strategies on how to make activity fun and enjoyable!

Inclusive Physical Activity 

This video highlights universal design strategies to help all kids get active!

The Science of Activity Breaks

This video describes why moving is important for learning!

Classroom Management Strategies

This video provides evidence-based strategies to building a classroom community!

Classroom Redesign for Movement and Learning

This video describes different classroom arrangements for learning and moving!

Curriculum Integration

Coming Soon!


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Feasibility of the InPACT Intervention to Enhance
Movement and Learning in the Classroom

Approximately 99% of students were back on-task after completing an activity break. To learn more about our study findings, click here!

A Pilot Intervention Using Gamification to Enhance Student Participation in Classroom Activity Breaks

Adding game-design elements to the intervention resulted in a 27% increase in student participation in activity breaks. To learn more about our study findings, click here!

Adapting the InPACT Intervention to Enhance Implementation Fidelity and Flexibility

Classroom-based Strategies to Reduce Disparities in Physical Activity Among Children with Asthma

InPACT incorporates short intermittent bouts of physical activity which is safe for children with asthma and may help to reduce physical activity disparities in this clinical population. To learn more about our study findings, click here!

Tailoring the InPACT intervention for implementation in low-resource schools enabled teachers to provide their students with 20 minutes of health-enhancing physical activity. To learn more about our study findings, click here!


I think the whole class likes the activity breaks


     Activity breaks give me more energy!


     Activity breaks give me more energy!


     Activity breaks give me more energy!


     Activity breaks give me more energy!


I think the whole class likes the activity breaks


Activity breaks give me more energy!


My blood goes to my brain during activity breaks!

         - GISSELLE 



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