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Core Elements of the InPACT Program

The InPACT program is intended to help you incorporate 20 minutes of health-enhancing physical activity into your daily classroom routine to optimize classroom learning conditions and your students’ bodies. The four core program elements, pictured here, will help you achieve this goal.

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InPACT in Action

The goal of the InPACT program is to provide you with the training and skills necessary to implement five 4-minute MVPA breaks into your classroom each school day. This dose of exercise is associated with improvements in learning, health, and well-being. But don’t worry – you won’t be asked to reach this goal on the first day of class. We are going to start slow. 

Teacher Training

Welcome to Module 2: Core Elements of the InPACT Program

After completing this module you will be able to describe the benefits of classroom physical activity breaks on student health, well-being, and achievement. 

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