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Equity and Adaptation

When talking about equity, we’re looking at how we can meet students’ needs and give everyone the resources required to succeed, even if their movements look a little different. For example, look at the bikes in the image to the right. It’s important that the bikes fit individuals’ needs so everyone can ride. Simply giving everyone the same bike could result in some people not being able to use it at all. The same is true for activity breaks! 

Image Credit: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

 Teacher Resources

When creating a culture of movement within your classroom, it’s important to keep the diversity of your students in mind. It’s also important to remember the long-term fundamental goal of InPACT, which is to provide opportunities for all students to be active! Check out this video that describes Universal Design for Learning strategies to help promote equity in your classroom.   (Duration: 5 min)

Teacher Training

Welcome to Module 8: Equity and Adaptation

After completing this module will be able to to explain and apply the concepts of Universal Design for Learning to classroom physical activity implementation.

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